Training for schools

Happy teachers in Hertfordshire on one of Arlene’s training days

Arlene regularly provides training for teachers in the primary and secondary sectors. She can provide 1:1 professional mentoring for teachers in schools as well as training days and workshops.

Fees are per half day or per full day. Bespoke courses can also be designed. Please contact Arlene directly for further details.

Training courses on offer


  • Starting to teach Latin in the primary sector – planning, resources, pedagogy and assessment
  • Starting to teach Greek in the primary sector – planning, resources, pedagogy and assessment
  • Classical languages and the Primary National Curriculum – what, how and why?
  • Oral Latin and the active learner
  • Classical languages and cross-curricular learning: creativity and critical skills
  • Latin outside the classroom: planning and running Classics-related school trips
  • Boosting literacy through Latin: where to start
  • Boosting literacy through Latin: optimising engagement


  • Latin at KS3 – planning, resources, pedagogy and assessment
  • Making Latin accessible and enjoyable for learners with special educational needs
  • Latin/Greek for gifted and talented students: where to start and how to maintain momentum
  • Teaching Latin off-timetable: tips for success
  • How to design and run cross-curricular/off-timetable themed days in Classics
  • ‘How to Learn vocabulary? Let me count the ways’… examining their pros and cons
  • Everything you need to know about running Classics school trips: planning, risk assessing and leading
  • Setting up and running a ‘Greek Club’: resources, planning and next steps
  • Latin to GCSE in 2 years: what to teach, what to leave out and how to sustain motivation
  • Scheme of work preparation: planning, budgeting and choosing resources
  • How to teach Latin/Greek literature at GCSE: ‘old-school’ and ‘new-school’ ways – you choose!
  • Understanding the GCSE Latin language mark-scheme
  • How to teach ‘Sources for Latin’ well (with exemplar resources)
  • Make your Latin language teaching more dynamic and interactive – new ideas and activities
  • Coping with mixed ability exam groups: tips for success
  • Classical rhetoric and contemporary communication: a workshop
  • Teaching Latin in international schools: teaching for optimal learning
  • Non-linguistic Classics: how to give students enough ‘background knowledge’ of the Classical world to excel in Classical Civilisation or Ancient History
  • Teaching Latin literature at A Level – moving beyond the GCSE approach
  • Teaching prose composition at A Level – planning, resources, pedagogy and assessment
  • How to equip students with Classical knowledge beyond the syllabus: thinking towards University entrance

Feedback from participants

‘Thanks once again for a great training session. You answered all my questions about GCSE Latin and I now feel much more confident tackling all areas of the exam.’ Non-specialist teacher of Latin, selective state school.

‘Arlene, you are a Latin teaching guru! Your session was SO valuable, and thoroughly enjoyable. I hope to be able to book more training with you next year, if my budget allows. I feel so much better about everything now – I can do this!’ Non-specialist teacher of Latin, non-selective state school.

‘Although I have been teaching Classics for years, I find myself more interested in teaching methods after your visit. In a one-person department, it is easy to get ‘stuck in a rut’. I appreciated your suggestions for new ways of doing things, and I dare say my students are now more ‘engaged’ (if that is the right word?). Food for thought, definitely.’ Latin teacher, independent school.

‘I really appreciated how you tailored the content of your talk to an American/Canadian audience. Your experience of teaching internationally helped us view our own context in a new way. I have learned heaps from you and look forward to putting your ideas into action.’ Latin teacher, non-selective state school in USA.